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Can you talk a little more about this notion of interdependence?

I see in my daily life, that merges constantly with my art practice, how an object, say a mango or the human body are dependent on the whole history of creation. Without the sun rays, the minerals coming from far away galaxies, the worms under the earth, the people that harvested and transported the mango, the mango would not be on our table. I see how the same is true with everything else. Through my work I am interested in questioning the logic where the “I” or “this” is separated, independent and different from “that” or “them”.

I think that to achieve a new understanding of the interdependent nature of our body I(we) need to engage in practices that allow me(us) to experience this non-binary fluidity.Separation or the notion and independent self is the alpha and the omega of our current racial health, economic and environmental crisis. How to come then into a new understanding of notions like product, producer and buyer? Or notions like artwork, artist and collector? I see myself as a creator of practices for myself and for others that  highlight  this non-binary fluidity.


Where can I see your full portfolio, bio & CV?

I want to know about you so much as you wanna know about me. Let us please scape this “screen new deal”!. Shoot me an email. Come visit me at my studio/home. I have plan-ts and seeds to water and lots of stuff to share. I am sure you too. Just write!


I wrote the text here below the other day thinking about the distance between you & I.



The distance between two things (you & I ) makes us close to each other 



Chapter 0.


Everything is possible;

Everything, everything and everything and everything

Distance does not exist. (I have discovered that)

Chapter 1.


If one draws a line and walks straight

What does one find?


If one draws a line and one follows it with the eyes

What does one find?


If one writes about a line that one follows with the eyes

What does one find?




The world is enchanted, and its nature is prodigious


What is this about? 

This, the original question. The question behind all questions. The primal question that whispers this song to our ears: a) it can be about "everything" ..., and b) "this" is separated from that, "I” or this is different from that.



a) “Everything” is equivalent to the chaos, the nothingness, the void, a white paper, a headless body, a school without words, the light and the shadow beating in a blender.

b) This and that: hummmmmmm clearly a line. If I draw a line on a paper where there was nothing before what do I do?



What is this about then?

 -This is about making sense! Katherine told Katherine and the idea of a direction was born. From it came a sense of a past and the future or that feeling that events proceed to each other. A tick tock tick tock that takes us "there"; away from “here”.

What is this about?




“There” is a point that gives us the hand and invites us to say hello.


A point that has such a gravitational field that is able to suck us in any direction. It is incredible. The movement as a consequence of the desire to arrive at a point.

What is the minimum that we need to make a drawing?

A (.)


Is there a drawing without a point?

This (.) is a (.) but what else is it?


(.) (.)


              ~          ?

If there is no fixed point, we see everything, or nothing in particular. Isn't this crazy?


What is the point here then?

The point is a stain of any color on a paper; a form. We see colors and shapes together because the perception of color differences and the perception of boundaries are neural processes that are closely related.




If you take out the color, the line and consequently the form disappear. A green chameleon with closed eyes on a green leaf in the jungle.

The line is a meeting point: kisses, caresses, copulation. The line and, consequently, the form arise from the encounter between two different tonalities. If there is no difference in tones, there are no forms.




A form is a line that finds itself. Like a snake that bites its tail and swallows itself until it becomes a small stain on the paper.


According to the dictionary of the Real Spanish Language, the line is for geometry the continuous and indefinite succession of points. However, we could also say that the line is a succession of meeting points where

(2 visibly different things / entities) touch each other. A skin touching another skin.

A paradox: The line is a point of encounter and separation.


Is the line a limit? Or is the line the only limit of the world? 

Is the limit a meeting or separation point?




Is it possible to meet without being separated ?

Chapter 2.

At the edge, or about how we meet

We meet “there” (at the other side of the line). Not here (on this side of the line). Therefore, we always go.

We go all the way to the edge; to touch ourselves, to lick ourselves, to listen to and look at ourselves so that color appears. Or more precisely so that color differences appear.


If two things are very close, then what separates them?

A limit?
A line?
A point?
An eye?
A skin?
An idea?

No. We meet "here." Not “there”. That's why we always come to the "here / now" (a strange place, that escapes every time we find it). From some kind of now:

The eye comes to see and sees what is here.
The ear comes to hear and hears what is here.
The hand comes to touch and touches what is here.
The tongue comes to taste and tastes what is here.

A “there” that becomes quickly a “here” and a “here” that quickly turns into a “there”

Where is it there and where is it here?


Chapter 3.

The distance

The distance between two things makes them close to each other.

The distance is a black hole that we love to explore

You can think of an empty black hole, but you cannot think of emptiness without a hole, color or shape

You can draw an empty hole, but you cannot draw an emptiness without a hole or a shape

If I say empty: what do you think?
  - We always think of “something ”

Is thinking about emptiness an impossibility?

And to draw it?

Chapter 4.

Everyday Magic

How many of the elements of a thing can we take away from the thing without losing "that" which designates it?

A fatherless child listens to someone knocking on the door of his house. After opening the door, he runs to his mom and tells her: there is a stranger at the door. Her mother goes to the door and sees her long lost husband. Full of happiness the mother greets her husband and introduces the child to his father.



How does one thing become another?

How does one thing differ from another?

When, how and why does the line appear as "that" which separates one thing from another?

When, how and why does the line appear as "that" which connects one thing with another?

I open my eyes; the morning is lit by a ray of light that escaped from a star.

The day advances without haste or direction.

Of the thousand and one things of the world, what can I invest myself in today?


Everything is possible, friends: everything everything and everything and everything:


To draw oneself into a character

                         To draw another character

                  A character sees,

the other one is seen,

  while the line separates them and unites them both




Chapter 4.
The Mystery

The sky and the earth meet on the horizon. And that thin line guides us and invites us to walk, forwards and backwards, to the left and to the right.

Where do the paths of two go, that part away from each other, in a round world without entrance and or exit?


And the paths of two that meet walking towards the horizon line holding each other’s hands?


Chapter 5.

A World without Lines?

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