Exhibition with carrots and mango copy.j

Practice 60. (My Mango are the Hands of my Ancestors)

Dad, me and a mango

Digital C-Print, artist's frame

180 x 130 cm



Gabriel Orozco said some time ago:

“My Hands are My Heart”. 

In Colombia some of us call the heart the mango.

My mango are the hands of my ancestors and the wings of the bats that have nothing of theirs and mine.

Practice 53. (I am Becoming)

Pigments from carrots on upcycled paper

2x 11 3/8 x 15 3/4 inches

28.9 x 40 cm



I am becoming the soil,

a seed,

a fruit,

a plant, 

a pigment, 

a painting, 

an image, 

a post, 

a practice, 

a mirror, 

some cells, 

becoming a thought that spark movement; 

movement in the form of oxygen, 

movement in the form of rain, 

movement when I type this text, 

when you read these words,

when we breath the same air; 

just becoming endless forms.