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I study the vegetal kingdom to highlight the invisible state of interdependence among diverse organisms on our planet through painting, performance, pedagogy and installation. 

My works, that I refer to as practices have a durational and repetitive component involving the participation of plants, microbes and people making visible our connection with nonhuman forms.

I am interested in revealing the unseen poetics of bats that bring mangos to our plates, the rhizobia bacteria that fixates through black beans nitrogen in our planet and the creation of paintings by turning into natural pigments and sprouts my own waste.

My current artistic exploration begins by cooking, eating, recycling, composting, extracting pigments, sprouting, planting and researching indigenous Mesoamerican agroecological technologies and soils.

I see plants, fruits, and soils as political and historical

agents that have shaped significantly the world, we live in.

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